When Professor Henry Lankirn – a Professor of Social Media and Interactive Technology at Sir MacCain Thorsotron University invented the MSP device, even he was unaware that the machine he had built had the full potential of eradicating crime in its entirety in every part of the world especially in the United States. But since it is impossible to keep such great weapon without dangers, the FBI and CIA soon starts a manhunt which would almost jeopardize the career and life of the Professor, leading to a war between the most notorious agents in the CIA and FBI, in a bid and tussle for ownership of the technical invention.

Agent Frank and his shrewd assistant – Sara Croft, soon get caught in the web of the silent wars between the M-10, top officials of the Security agencies and the MSP inventor. Their experience through the rugged path of unveiling the face behind the Wild Billions Bank robbery and two similar cases brings them into a better understanding of separating between good and evil. The war between these two soon set its own challenges, as casualties are consistently moved out of the dirty tussle and even the President of the United States of America would not be spared.

In the midst of these, Frank would find himself in a direct confrontation with the major challenges of life which he had happily buried as his past. Much of which would determine his own continual existence, like paying the price to figure out of his love life, and the true definition of justice and diligence.

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